A B2B Branded Design

Helm Operations Handbook

Colour Bursting Graphics

Helm Operations sought after a custom B2B branded guide. They hired us to build a striking design filled with colour, infographics, and iconography.
Business to business themed cover design.
Corporate stylized cover illustration.
We used a balanced mix of corporate design elements and playful colours.

The Concept

To ensure their B2B services were distinct and clear, we branded icons and infographic designs using a colour-coded system.
Corporate marketing interior layout.
B-to-b branded interior layout.

The Colours

The saturated colour palette elicits friendliness and approachability.
We used a cheery and playful brand palette.
B-to-b marketing layout design.
B-to-b marketing book concept.

The Graphics

We digitally constructed illustrative tugboats out of layered shapes and colours.

The Layout

To strengthen readability and engagement, we organized information into well-defined sections. The B2B branded icons, and stylized blockquotes transformed the design into an approachable and digestible layout.

B2b branded cover composition.
B2b branded back cover concept.

The Impact:
A Vibrant Send-Off

Customers were able to read through the B2B guide with ease. The branded graphics and clean page design heightened viewer interest — resulting in a greater understanding of Helm Operations’ services.