A Contemporary Book Design

Landrex Inc Booklet

Worthy of Coffee Table Decor

Landrex Inc hired us to transform their manuscript into a contemporary book. From typographic layout to photography selection, we handled every step of the book design process.
We tastefully mirrored architectural material with relevant imagery.

The Aesthetic

The cover and interior visually align with the building’s exterior design. Architectural textures of concrete and brick push the pamphlet in a modern direction.
A modern pamphlet spread layout.
Fashionable publication centrefold design.

The Layout

No detail was left untreated. From expressive headlines, to crisp layout, we made sure every design element was artfully considered.
A state-of-the-art colour palette.

The Colours

Throughout the book’s design, monochromatic tones with splashes of orange highlight areas of importance.
A clean book cover layout.
A contemporary booklet cover design.

The Impact:
An Engaged Community

We helped the story of The Ponoka Civic Building become known amongst Albertans. The clean book layout, accented with contrasting colours, broke the content into consumable text and design.