A Tribute to Self Starters

A Creative Edmonton-Inspired Wall Mural

The Entrepreneur Underworld

Passionate for collaboration, coffee, and creativity, we designed a wall mural that paid tribute to the things that keep self-starters creatively charged.

Original wall mural graphics.
Unique office mural.

The Concept

Intended for Edmonton coworking spaces, the core of the wall mural’s design was formed from city influences and an urban lifestyle.
A series of creative keywords pathed the way for the wall mural’s design.

The Process

The layout went through a series of sketches before digital production.
Geometric marketing wall mural.
Creative illustrative wall wrap.

The Artwork

The design uses line-based city graphics with pops of colour. Collected visuals of LRTs, pie charts, and computers illustrate an urban entrepreneur’s daily work life.
Edgy wall sticker design.