A Geometric Approach for a Corporate Layout

FriesenPress Author's Guide

Launching Authors into Success

FriesenPress hired us to revamp their all-new Author Guide. Using geometric graphics and a clean layout, we came up with a rocket-themed concept. Rockets not only symbolize leadership, but they also illustrate exploration and the start of a journey.
Geometric front cover layout.
Friesenpress angular cover artwork.

Geometric icons and stylized typography amplified visual interest.

The Vision

The layout of the cover and interior undergoes a geometric aesthetic. We made content digestible through branded infographics, icons, blockquotes, and photography.

The Colours

The guide balances both a creative and corporate aesthetic: modern graphics and digital illustration feature a collection of contrasting, on-brand colours.
We set the tone for the guide through colour, geometric design, and structured layout.
Geometric book layout.
Abstract publication design.

The Concept

We let our imagination take the lead for conceptual direction. We constructed a geometric rocket for the cover using interconnected shapes and dimensional colour. The use of dynamic grid systems organize content into hierarchal order, and the stylization of pull quotes increase reader interest.
Structured cover design.
Abstract rocket arrangement.

The Hierarchy

To ensure viewers would feel at ease, we compartmentalized information into bite-sized tidbits. By sectioning spreads into 2-columns and thoughtfully colourizing text and backgrounds, we highlighted areas of importance.

The Impact:
Double Looks & Global Buzz

The new-look had the publishing world talking. The geometric aesthetic became a staple in the FriesenPress brand and prompted direction for other promotional designs. FriesenPress’s employees could not wait to integrate the guide into their marketing packages. Prospective customers were elated to dive into the read.