A Modern Annual Report

Tech in Ed Annual Report

From Stats & Numbers to Typeset Spreads

Technologies in Education hired us to modernize their annual report. With a priority for boosting engagement, we extracted noteworthy stats into on-brand iconography and infographics.
A contemporary corporate report cover art.
Modern corporate book front cover concept.
Timeless annual report back cover.

The Cover

We built the cover artwork out of patterned icons and tech-themed linework. The annual report’s interior layout carried a contemporary aesthetic.
We used a timeless pairing of yellow accents + monochromatic greys.

The Colours

The contrast of yellow against dark grey resembles illuminated light often found in modern tech. Additionally, we used yellow to highlight areas of importance throughout the corporate book.
Modern corporate book interior design.
A modern corporate book spread.

The Hierarchy

Distinguishable columns, stylized pull quotes, and on-brand infographics made content visually attractive.

The Impact:
Talk of the Faculty

With a branded book in hand and a matching PowerPoint on display, Technologies in Education walked into their meeting feeling polished and prepared. The decision to transform data into modernized infographics and iconography led to a fully engaged audience and praise among the faculty.