A Tech-Themed Rebrand

Technologies in Education

Revamped from the Inside Out

Looking to stand out amongst other fellow Faculty of Education subunits, Technologies in Education hired us to reface their brand from the ground up. With the freedom of choice for colour, graphics, layout, and brand aesthetic, we made design decisions that adhered to University of Alberta brand standards.

The Concept

Referencing photographic type built out of electronic parts, we vectorized the alphabet into a branded collection. The type became a staple in Technologies in Education branding. Various stylized media such as print materials, wayfinding signage, and digital platforms featured the branded letters.
We leaned on tech lighting, parts, and UI design for visual guidance to keep the brand relevant.
We themed the brand using a timeless combo of yellow accents and monochromatic greys.

The Colours

The contrast of yellow against dark grey resembles illuminated light often found in tech. Additionally, we used yellow to highlight areas of importance.

Promo Materials

To visually entice a student-based audience, we branded a small selection of signage using a secondary set of brand rules. Designs that appear new or different have a higher probability of catching someone’s eye, so we introduced a wider variety of colours, layout, and fonts for select campaigns.
Technology poster design.
Technology designed collage artwork.
Tech styled posters.
Tech course theme.
Digitally themed poster.
Tech styled seminar campaign.
Technology stylized swag.
Digital holiday card design.
Tech branded greeting cards.
Digital circuitry themed Christmas campaign.
Tech themed vector pack.
Technology electronics vector theme.
Electronic stylized graphics.

The Impact:
Restored & Recharged

When the Technologies in Education team finally saw the brand in action, they were fired up with a sense of excitement that they hadn’t felt in years. The stylized look was so well-received that the Faculty of Education entrusted us with rebranding other subunits.