A Tribute to 1960s Poster Design

The Dean's Farewell Tour

A 1960s Campaign Inspired by the Beatles

In celebration of the dean’s commendable journey coming to a close, the University of Alberta asked us to create a poster design in her honour. Upon preparing the project, we discovered her love for The Beatles. We stylized the concept using album cover and graphic influences pulled from the ‘60s.
Psychedelic stylized poster campaign-illustration.
Sixties typographic poster concept.

The Concept

Shifting what could be considered an emotional career transition into a celebration of growth, we morphed lettering into a 1960s butterfly. Butterflies not only symbolize beauty, but they evoke transformation and change too.

The Initiative

Using a colour-popping pattern and charming hand-drawn typography, we produced a series of playful poster drawings. The concept lent itself to a variety of decorative elements. We condensed circular shapes into corner graphics and simplified butterfly visuals into bullet points.

The Colours

Reminiscent of psychedelic 1960s poster design, the campaign uses contrasting colours that pop.
A collection of eye-catching swatches with the highest vibrancy.
Psychedelic themed poster artwork.
1960s poster designs.

The Suite

We took the 1960s concept to the next level by designing groovy posters, invitations, and tickets. Branded event signage and promotional swag elevated the event’s visual impact.