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Pixels & Relish: A Branding & Graphic Design Studio

The Pixels Story

Pixels and Relish is a full-service branding and graphic design studio located in Edmonton, Alberta, that seamlessly merges the worlds of corporate strategy and creative flair. We work closely with our clients to build brand identities that are memorable and engaging. Our mission is to develop visuals that are pleasing to the eye and create designs that serve purpose and function.

Our work is bold and pushes the standards of traditional and modern graphic design. We are not afraid to experiment with technique, and we pride ourselves on developing concepts backed by research and discovery.

Come along for the ride, brainstorm with us, refine, and reach a design space that surpasses your expectations.

Want to know some cool perks when working with us?

Our branding and graphic design portfolio went through an extensive vetting process with the Graphic Designers of Canada. A team of seasoned experts anonymously reviewed our work and rated our expertise as high quality and professional.

We aren’t afraid to bring in spot-varnish, foil, edge painting, dye cut, or paper stock options to your printed projects.

We work with a team of content writers, photographers, video producers, and web developers to keep you and your business looking sharp on every level.

You have expert designers to overlook your brand as it grows and evolves. We’re here to bounce design ideas off of or answer questions.

Your Gal, Val

Hi there! I’m Val, the creative energy and expert behind Pixels and Relish. I bring a whole lot of passion, creative inspiration, and branding experience into my business. On the surface, I am a Certified Graphic Designer with over 13-years of experience in the industry. At the core, design, creativity, and art fills my heart every day. It spills over into everything I do and allows me to be true to who I am — both at and outside of work. It’s the simple things in life that keep me creatively charged. I often find design inspiration in patterns, fashion, music, home décor, and most importantly, the aroma of a fresh cup of coffee.

The journey of Pixels and Relish stems from childhood. While my friends dreamt of becoming astronauts and superstars, I illustrated greeting cards and imaginary comic books. With my fancy box of Prisma pencil crayons, I laid out creative children’s books alongside my trusty typewriter. Before I reached kindergarten, my mom was nourishing my creativity by teaching me her artistic techniques. She taught me how to build flipbooks, illustrate cartoons, sculpt characters, and, most importantly, never suppress my out-of-the-box thinking. These childhood passions never left and led me to attend Grant MacEwan University’s Graphic Design & Illustration course. My university studies equipped me with skills in drawing, layout design, and conceptualization techniques.
Throughout my first few roles in design, I acquired essential, hands-on experience in various industries. I led the Expansion 2012 campaign for the Edmonton International Airport and mastered publication design during my time at Friesenpress. I then fell in love with the world of branding while working as a graphic designer for the University of Alberta.
The creative freedom that the entrepreneurial world offers and the opportunity to set companies up for success pulled me into opening my own branding and design business. In May 2018, I opened the doors to Pixels & Relish, and since then, I’ve never looked back. It has taken me on such a beautiful journey and provided me with the opportunity to learn and grow along the way.
I am forever grateful for each individual that I get to design for. If working together sounds like an adventure you want to join me on, please reach out. Let’s create together!
— Valerie Damen

Breaking barriers through unconfined creativity.

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