2018 Geo Font

An Education-Themed Cover Photo

Digits With Flavour

To kindle viewer interest, the Faculty of Education needed a cover photo update. The University of Alberta hired us to create a concept that would confidently propel them into the new year.
School cover photo font.
Classroom themed cover photo.

The Concept

To powerfully draw the eye, we lead the project in a typographic direction. We created a cheery typeface by embedding texture, colour, and school items into the framework of numbers. Our goal was to make a cover photo that students and faculty would feel compelled to wear and follow online.
Colourful school cover photo.
Geometric school branded social media.
Creative education social media design.
Trendy university social media concept.

The Artwork

The textures and shapes housed within each letterform embody the atmosphere of a classroom. Layered infographics and paper suggest themes of professional development and instruction.
Education themed social media campaign.
Creative university social media profile picture.

The Impact:
An Engaging Design

We built a concept that was both on-brand and on-trend. By melding geometric stylization with the University of Alberta’s design standards, we helped Education students and professionals feel equally connected to the cover photo design.