Bcalm Bookkeeping Rebrand

A Small Business Making a Big Impact

Shaking Up the Tax Industry

Basia, the owner of Bcalm Bookkeeping, envisioned an unconventional rebrand for her business. She sought after an identity that would reduce anxiety and stresses commonly associated with taxes.
Bcalm Bookkeeping branded business cards.
Bcalm Bookkeeping brand and business card back.
Bcalm Bookkeeping themed business card front.

The Brand

To evoke tranquillity, we used organic linework and nature-themed elements. The addition of recycled papers and textures ethically ties the brand to nature.
Through a series of sketches, research, and refinement, we transformed the Bcalm Bookkeeping brand.

The Process

We took a considerable risk by stylizing the logo in a whimsical approach. The gestural linework and airy layout make customers feel at ease and softens the brand’s approachability.
Bcalm Bookkeeping branded logo concepts.
Bcalm Bookkeeping branding logo archive.

The Logo

Referencing photos of the Alstroemeria Flower, we sketched line-based arrangements by hand. Not only did Basia have a personal connection to the Alstroemeria Flower, but it also symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and fortune — themes directly related to the tax industry.
Through a series of sketches, research, and refinement, we transformed the Bcalm Bookkeeping brand.
Bcalm Bookkeeping branding and logo isolated design.
Bcalm Bookkeeping brand isolated logo.
The cool colours against the brown make the brand feel approachable and wholesome.

The Colours

The nature-based colour palette follows a timeless aesthetic.
Bcalm Bookkeeping branded box in perspective.
Bcalm Bookkeeping branded box standing.
Bcalm Bookkeeping branded box design.
Bcalm Bookkeeping branded box flat view.
Bcalm Bookkeeping branded box front view.
Bcalm Bookkeeping box design.

The Impact:
Elevated Customer Experience

We helped Bcalm Bookkeeping game-change the tax industry. By steering the brand away from a corporate aesthetic, prospective customers could contact Basia with ease and comfort.