A Meeting Room Makeover

Boardroom Map Mural

Reinvented Map Design

The Faculty of Education hired us to design a meaningful mural for their boardroom space. With a mission to cultivate community, we pitched the idea of steering the project in a stylized map direction.
Abstract office map mural.
Creative map vinyl wall artwork.

The Approach

The mural undergoes geometric abstraction and linework. Intersecting paths not only shape an aerial view of campus but they artistically elicit community and connection.

The Process

We methodically referenced Google Maps during the build. The mural framework carved the contours of the University of Alberta streets, roads, and buildings.

The Artwork

The design takes on both an artistic and conceptual direction. At first glance, the map appears abstract in form. Upon closer inspection, faces familiar with the area may realize that the mural is a stylized interpretation of the University of Alberta campus.
Creative map mural.
Artistic map wall wrap.

The Impact:
A Community Inspired

The map-themed mural sparked revitalized energy in what once was a drab, cold space. Employees now felt excited to host meetings in the boardroom, and the map’s welcoming burst of colour wowed guests. The wall wrap became a staple of the Faculty of Education brand. It was a conversation starter and eventually became the go-to backdrop for in-house video production.