A Funky Suite of Lightbulb Creations

Creative Ideation

Taking Pop Art to Brand New Grounds

What started as creative graphics for a brainstorm-focused contest ideated into an experimental passion project. With a curious mind and an inner craving to design a pattern, we transitioned our handcrafted lightbulb creations into a seamless layout.
Innovative lightbulb pillows.
Originally branded creative pillows.

Textiles & Dishware

We sought to bring joy through quirky everyday items. With a refreshing take on textiles, our lightbulb-themed bedding gears up imaginative thinkers.
Creative ideation dishes.
Creative illustrated dishes.
Unique lightbulb header graphics.
Innovative lightbulb pattern.
Perfect for a summer dinner party, we made it our mission to create a suite of cheery kitchenware that would brighten people’s day and creatively spark ideation.