Custom Farmers Market Packaging & Design

Persian Delights Brand

Love at First Kolompeh

Monica hired us to guide her logo and brand collateral in an authentic, handcrafted direction. Her dream was to bake and sell Persian treats at Farmers Markets.
Farmers market branding and dessert buns.
Farmers market branding and desserts.
Farmers market brand owned by Monika.
Farmers market brand's owner.

Her Story

For years, Monica envisioned flooding Edmonton Farmers Markets with tasty treats presented in thoughtfully designed packaging. Looking to do more than just satisfy sweetened cravings, she aspired to warm hearts through her confections made with love. She’s known for making tasty treats packed with flavour, quality ingredients, and beautiful artistry.

The Business

Persian Delights outshines competing farmers market vendors through their niche selection of goodies and distinct product designs.
A unique mark branded on product packaging, farmers market signage, and social media platforms.

The Logo

The logo design incorporates decorative elements sampled from Monica’s very own cookie stamp. Pistachios are a staple ingredient in Persian baking, so we circularly housed them within the logo’s negative spaces. Together, all design elements form the shape of a classic Persian delight: the kolompeh cookie.
Farmers market branded suite.
Farmers market branding.
We selected a warm and inviting colour scheme.

The Colours

Persian Delights’ warm yet saturated colour palette naturally sparks consumer interest and invites them to look closer. Orange symbolizes happiness and creativity. Green suggests freshness and liveliness.

Promo Materials

To increase booth visibility and brand awareness, we themed all design materials with a vibrant pairing of orange and lime green. We set Monica up with a united set of branded hats, aprons, banners, and boxes.
Farmers market themed business cards.
Farmers market branded cards.
Farmers market branded boxes.
Farmers market packaging.

The Impact:
A Recipe for Success

The engaging collection of Persian Delight signage, banners, and packaging helped the business stand out at Edmonton Farmers Markets. Not only did the logo design outshine neighbouring companies, but the booth’s ambiance fuelled Monika with professional confidence during her presence at local markets. Baked treats sold out within hours, and competitors felt the heat as Persian Delights became the hot new spot to get a kolompeh fix.