Custom Mandala-Dipped Packaging

Oracle Card Set

Handcrafted Artwork Packed with Punch

For years Naomi envisioned a full kit of custom mandala-dipped packaging. She dreamt of transforming lives through her very own deck of wisdom-infused oracle cards.
Personalized mandala packaging.
Custom patterned oracle card boxes.

The Vision

We thoughtfully devised the full unpacking experience. No surface was left untreated. All areas of packaging were custom-branded with inspirational mandala artwork.
Customized patterned oracle cards.
Personalized mandala deck.
Tailored mandala book cover.
Personalized mandala packaging.

The Design

A marriage of artistic embellishment and clean layout effortlessly merged visual interest with universal functionality.

The Artwork

Themes of love and growth were tailor-made into mandala form. Every specially made shape and mark weaved into the mandala added collective meaning. Visuals of hearts, foliage, and nature symbolize feelings of transformation and healing.
Custom mandala header design.
Tailor made pattern design.

The Impact:
Uplifted Spirit

Our creativity set the stage for Naomi’s new journey. By setting her up with custom mandala-dipped packaging, she finally had the toolkit to impact lives confidently. With our creative eye and Naomi’s selfless vision, we connected the world to self-guided transformation.