Doughnuts + Design

Doughnut Party's Brand Hits Edmonton, Alberta Shops

Delectable Branding for a Culinary Icon

Matthew and Simon, the owners of Doughnut Party located in Edmonton, Alberta, are incredible visionaries. They took the lead for every stage of brand consumption, from logo size and placement to hand-drawn sharpie sketches.
Doughnut Party card design from Edmonton Alberta.
Doughnut Party pin card backs from Edmonton Alberta.

The Concept

Before jumping into design, we got closely acquainted with the preestablished Doughnut Party brand. By reviewing their current collection of graphic assets, colours, and typography, we helped Matthew and Simon seamlessly extend the brand into their Edmonton, Alberta shops.

The Process

We brought Simon’s sharpie sketch to life — literally. Through a series of illustrator paths, we were able to mould a drafted sketch into print-ready artwork.

Print Media

The Doughnut Party brand is known for its bubbly sets of characters and bright bursts of colour.

Being mindful of the brand’s established look and feel, we extended the identity onto various materials. We custom-designed retractable banners, pin cards, t-shirts, gift cards, signage, and vinyl stickers sold throughout their Edmonton, Alberta shops.

Doughnut Party shop sign located in Edmonton Alberta.
Doughnut Party LED sign located in Edmonton Alberta.
Doughnut Party pin cards from Edmonton Alberta.
Doughnut Party branded pin cards from YEG Alberta.

The Colours

The iconic Doughnut Party colour palette is recognizable amongst Edmontonians within Alberta.

The brand follows a robust colour scheme. The contrast between black and magenta snatches viewer interest and pops off the page.

Doughnut Party branded t-shirt from Edmonton Alberta.
Doughnut Party Edmonton Alberta swag.