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A Modern Garden Oasis

Eve at Erin Ridge Brand

Amplifying the Home Buying Experience

Landrex Ventures hired us to create a lifestyle-based brand for Eve at Erin Ridge — an up-and-coming townhome community located in St Albert. They sent us on a creative mission: to create a revolutionary brand that would shake up the housing market using modern, eco-focused design.
Eve at Erin Ridge graphic assets.
Eve at Erin Ridge branded paper leaves.
Eve at Erin Ridge brand guide's cover.
Eve at Erin Ridge brand style guide.
Eve at Erin Ridge style guide.
Eve at Erin Ridge's style guide interior.
Eve at Erin Ridge buildings.
Eve at Erin Ridge community.

The Story

Named after the owner’s grandma, the Eve at Erin Ridge brand honours family roots. The project’s vision was to create a brand that would reflect the development’s architecture, interior design, and outdoor amenities.

The Brand

All Eve at Erin Ridge collateral — including floorplan and map layouts — were thoughtfully designed to generate a strong visual impact.

The Process

We experimented with visuals drawn from modern design and nature. Holding nothing back, we digitally crafted logo concepts sparked from piles of keywords, research, and sketches.
Eve at Erin Ridge logo concepts.
Eve at Erin Ridge logo archive.
We created a sense of community using symmetry and balance. 

The Logo

So much thought and care went into the design of Eve at Erin Ridge’s winning logo concept. Not only does the ‘v,’ formed out of leaves tie in themes of nature and growth, but the overlapping linework symbolizes interconnected community. The lowercase letters also evoke an approachable, family-friendly feel.

The Colours

The Eve at Erin Ridge brand undergoes a soft neutral colour palette that complements the community’s modern architecture. Inspired by garden-themed visuals within the logo, we selected timeless colours sampled from nature.

Marketing Materials

The branding for Eve at Erin Ridge doesn’t stop at logo design and colour selection. The nature-themed direction lent itself to unique eco-friendly marketing initiatives such as glass water bottles and recycled paper campaigns.
Eve at Erin Ridge folder cover design.
Eve at Erin Ridge folder, front view.
Eve at Erin Ridge folder design, open.
Eve at Erin Ridge folder package design.
Eve at Erin Ridge branded folder in perspective.
Eve at Erin Ridge printed package.

The Website

We joined forces with a web developer to ensure the brand was cohesive across online platforms.
Eve at Erin Ridge website design.
Eve at Erin Ridge home page design.

The Impact:
Local Hype Amongst Alberta

We built a brand that had people talking. While the land was nothing but dirt and mud, realtors, prospective buyers, and investors were on the edge of their seats, waiting for the official launch of Eve at Erin Ridge.

Breaking barriers through unconfined creativity.

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