A Designer Mixtape Collection

For the Love of Cassette Design

Rewinding to Classic Creative Roots

Cassettes and design have a lot in common. With the right balance of patience and time, the creative process can transform into a cultured experience. Locating a song on a cassette tape versus finding a hit tune on Spotify, or sketching a design versus jumping onto the computer, results in a greater appreciation for the end product.
Audio tape postcard design.
Vintage tape postcard illustration.

The Initiative

Mixtapes are a massive part of millennial roots. They were the creative fuel before coffee. They also symbolize the end of a memorable era filled with MSN messenger, GameBoys, and walkmans.

We paid tribute to this nostalgic decade by drafting cassette-themed designs that millennials would be delighted to wear.

Cassette themed pillow artwork.
Audio cassette textile design.
Audio cassette print media.
Audio tape illustration artwork.

Print Media

We channelled ‘90s cassette culture and snail mail through a series of pop-art-inspired postcards. The response was marvellous. By extending the designs onto unique items, like apparel, postcards, and clocks, like-minded millennials jumped for joy at the throwback.

Cassette printed artwork.
Cassette themed print media.