Made for the Mass-Market

FriesenPress Crowdfunding Guide

Taking Crowdfunding to New Heights

FriesenPress requested us to design a visually enticing crowdfunding guide that would hold an author’s interest. Following the project’s profit-themed initiative, we came up with the idea of building a geometric piggy bank.
Friesenpress funding handbook.
Project funding guide.

The Concept

We injected life into the cover by fusing angular shapes with dimensional shadow. By pairing simplistic grids with meaningful imagery, we made the content easy to follow.

The Colours

We branded the Crowdfunding Guide with FriesenPress’s secondary swatch: mint green. Green not only symbolizes money, but it also evokes growth and approachability.
Crowdsourcing publication spread.
Crowdsourcing handbook interior design.

The Aesthetic

Inspired by paper folds and FriesenPress’s previously designed Author Guide, we transformed 2-dimensional shapes into a geometric layout.
The branded infographics present data in a visually exciting way, and pops of colour shine areas of importance in a confident light.

The Impact:
Motivated Authors

FriesenPress’s new Crowdfunding Guide connected the publishing world to potential opportunities and funding. Prospective authors confidently read through the guide with ease and initiated the crowdfunding process.