Branding + Design Studio

Glow Your Worth

A Series of Gratitude Journals

A Journaled
Path to Growth

Looking to create “more than just a journal,” Sonia sought after book designs that would visually inspire her audience into joining her on their own personal journey to self-love, acceptance, and gratitude. The goal of the project was to create a book series that would emotionally resonate with readers and set the foundation for personal development.

The Concept

Moved by the infinite beauty of love, Sonia envisioned her books to undergo simplicity alongside symbolic themes tied to the ocean and nature — childhood places that she holds a deep connection to.

Themes of power, depth, connection, and expansion of emotion were anchored throughout the interior in the form of ocean and nature imagery.

We designed the cover artwork so it would spark curiosity and we selected simple font pairings for their clean and classy aesthetic.

The continuous line-work found within the doodles visually illustrates an entwined path of discovery. Each drawing features imagery that symbolizes themes of journey and growth.

The Doodles

From traced sketches by hand, to digitally refined doodles, we custom illustrated a collection of 222 continuous-lined illustrations. The doodles can be found mirrored across each affirmation page.

The Colours

Both books were branded using subdued colours drawn from nature—colours that evoke a sense of approachability and peace.

Brand Collateral

Through consistent use of the book’s pastel colour palette and lined illustrations, we expanded the Glow Your Worth identity across a variety of brand collateral—including social media grids and website graphics.

We uniquely branded social media grids for each book. Using a variety of line art, affirmations, and photos, our design approach ensured that each post was visually distinctive, yet unified at the same time.

The Impact:
A Gratefully Inspired Community

The collection of inspirational affirmations and imaginative doodles sparked connection and unconditional love throughout Edmonton. People praised the illustrations as “methodical and mediative,” — that “the drawings bring them back to their time in nature and entrance their imagination with just one line.”