Home Builder Branding Built on Quality

Paul Job Fine Homes

Boutique Branding for the Modern Buyer

Paul sought after a home builder brand that would align with his top-tier expertise and passion for perfection. From generic to bespoke, we upgraded the logo to premium standards.
Architecture builder brand book.
Paul Job Fine Homes' brand book.

The Vision

The redesigned logo mirrored elements reminiscent of the home building industry. Additionally, we used a structured framework to align the brand identity to Paul’s meticulous work.
We sparked the discovery phase with conceptual sketching and in-depth mind mapping.

The Process

Fostered from a logo concept ideated in between meetings, Paul Job Fine Homes’ winning logo was initially scribbled on a coffee-stained napkin.
Home builder branding logo concepts.
Home builds logo concepts.

The Logo

All design elements within the logo collectively embody the characteristics of a home. The abbreviated letters ‘p’ and ‘j’ act as a building’s framework. The tittle — topped upon the letter ‘j’ — cleverly illustrates a chimney.

Home builder logo design.
Construction builder logo design.
Home builder branding business cards.
Construction branded business cards.

The Colours

We paired monochromatic primary tones with secondary pops of orange accents to subtly tie the home builder brand to construction signage. With the combination of black and orange, the brand colours present the business in a modern and timeless fashion. Black communicates strength, and orange symbolizes determination.
We themed the brand with construction-inspired colour.
Home builds branding style guide.
Carpenter style guide design.
Home building branded book.
Carpenter brand style guide.

The Impact:
A Timeless Foundation

The new logo set the foundation for quality-based home-builds and generated trust among the modern-buyer. By visually coordinating the brand with the business’ mastered services, Paul made authentic connections with his customers.