Buzzing with Originality

Joltbee Digital Branding & Design

Atmospheric Colour & Hypnotic Scenery

Gillian, Joltbee Digital’s owner, dreamed of an alluring brand bursting with colour and creative design collateral. Inspired by her business’ online model and personal love for all things unicorn, we brewed up branded designs that instantly catch the eye.
Tech branded background design.
Technology themed graphics.
Joltbee Digital branded business card design.
Technology branded card layout.

The Process

To break free from cliche constraints, we ventured into a series of experimental sketches and research. We branded power-themed visuals and stat-based graphics into potential logo designs that symbolize work ethic.
Digital logo archived designs.
Joltbee Digital wordmark archived concepts.
The approved logo can function as an isolated icon and wordmark layout.

The Logo

Inspired by the business’ name, Joltbee Digital, we merged pulsing progress bars with branded bee markings. The final logo design symbolizes growth, productivity, and measured results.
Joltbee Digital logo concept.
Tech logo design.

A cheerful and confident colour palette.

The Colours

We used fun yet techy brand swatches by pairing vivid accents with neutral primary tones.
Tech branded neon sign design.
Digitally branded backlit sign.

Branded Packaging

The backdrop design formed from layered hexagons and saturated gradients makes for showstopping packaging and swag.

Joltbee Digital branded packaging.
Joltbee Digital themed box design.
Digitally branded packaging design.

The Impact:
Fit for a Digital Queen Bee

We crowned Gillian with stage-setting branding that she was ecstatic to launch and load. The logo design piqued curiosity amongst a wide-spread audience. The branded business card recharged Gillian with confidence and excitement for her new business venture.