Wolf Grinders

Marijuana Branding Design

A Dope Do-Over

With ever-changing restrictions for cannabis branding, Wolf Grinders needed to trade in their current logo design for a mark that wouldn’t depict animal imagery. Taking the logo from mainstream to unique, Wolf Grinders hired us to set the marijuana brand up with a distinct new look.
Marijuana branded swag mockup.
Cannabis marketing swag mockup.

Branding & Design

Wolf Grinders pride themselves on providing quality-based, portable products for adventurous folks with lifestyles on the go.
Marijuana branded box graphics.
Marijuana stamped packaging graphics.


They’re known for their distinct branding and have become famous for their stylish selection of cannabis tools and branded packaging.

The Process

Seeking unconventional designs, we sparked the discovery process with in-depth research and sketching. Moving away from wolf imagery and toward cannabis visuals, our first set of preliminary concepts extracted a mix of inspiration from utility tools, marijuana leaves, and typography.

Marijuana logo design concepts.
Cannabis branding logo designs.
A distinctive logo design recognizable in isolated form.

The Logo

We depicted the wolf in an unforeseen way by chiselling prisms into a geometric paw print shape. Not only does the detailed linework push the brand into a modern direction, but it also alludes to vascular systems found within marijuana leaves.
Wolf Grinders cannabis themed packaging.
Marijuana branded box layout.

The Colours

We rolled out the new logo design with founding colours. To upkeep global awareness and familiarity among the cannabis industry, Wolf Grinders requested we keep the brand’s original colours.
Marijuana print media branding layout.
Cannabis Wolf Grinders branded print media.
In consideration of packaging design, we made sure Wolf Grinders had a flexible set of logos on hand. We exported the logo into a wide selection of colours, layouts, and formats.
Marijuana branding packaging design.
Marijuana packaging branding design.
Cannabis Wolf Grinders logo box designs.
Weed branded marketing.
Marijuana tin identity concepts.
Cannabis branding merchandise.

The Impact:
A Blooming Roll-Out

Within weeks of the newly branded product launch, Wolf Grinders became a viral sensation. Instagrammers were posting daily product reviews, and fans worldwide were raving over the new look.