A Rejuvenated Logo

Ninja Plans Rebrand

Made for Teachers Across the Globe

Ninja plans, a global online sharing platform for teachers, was looking to rebrand, and they trusted us with the creative task. They wanted to transition away from ninja-themed visuals and rework the brand in a new, timeless direction.
Ninja Plans logo branded bag.
Ninja Plans' branded school supplies.

The Concept

Drawing inspiration from school supplies commonly found within the classroom, we housed notebook visuals within the letters of Ninja.
Ninja Plans' branded apparel.
A Ninja Plans themed bag.

The Approach

We pivoted our approach for the rebrand through brainstorming and sketching. During our initial consult with Ninja Plans, we thoroughly analyzed their current logo and brand collateral.

The Process

Following the initial visual identity’s conceptual direction, we based our first set of logo prototypes on the original ninja-themed design. We unloaded our wealth of ideas into scribbled pages of brainstormed keywords and doodles.
A corporate logo with witty flair.

The Logo

Common keywords that kept bubbling up during our brainstorming sessions were school supplies. Although pencils and knapsacks are globally universal, we found that notebooks directly tied to the education industry. Notebooks symbolize the storage of information and are commonly used by both teachers and students within the classroom.
Ninja Plans branded packaging.
A Ninja Plans branded pencil case.
Ninja Plans' branded pencil case.
Ninja Plans' themed pencil case showcased in perspective.
Ninja Plans themed swag
Ninja Plans' branded pencil case.

The Colours

We pulled cool blue tones from the Ninja Plan’s initial business card design. Blues symbolize calmness, inspiration, and wisdom — attributes that strongly align with their core brand values.
We used a harmonious mix of cool greens and blues.
Ninja Plans themed business cards.
Ninja Plans' themed printed cards.

The Impact:
A Confident Relaunch

The Ninja Plans’ team was able to launch its newly rebranded website with confidence. Knowing that the logo followed a more inclusive and universal direction, they expanded the business globally — connecting teachers to lesson plans all over the world.