Paul Job Fine Homes

Paul sought after a boutique home builder brand that would align with his top-tier expertise and passion for perfection.


Client: Paul Job

A logo built on framework and typography.

The logo embodies the foundational characteristics of a home. The letters act as the posts of the building’s framework. The tittle—topped upon the ‘j’—emulates a chimney.

Orange accents paired with monochromatic tones.

We used colours sampled from traditional construction signage (orange, white, and black) to create a striking and industry-relevant palette. By pairing bright orange with monochromatic colours, the brand nods to the construction industry while ensuring signage and merch visually pops onsite during home builds.

A timeless foundation.

Paul Job's new logo set the foundation for quality-based home-builds and generated trust among the modern-buyer. By visually coordinating the brand with the business’ mastered services, Paul made authentic connections with his customers.

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