Stylized Swag for the Pride Community

Pride Week Rebranding & Design

MTV Vibes & Pop Culture

Pride Week’s originally dreary and dated poster designs left ISMSS attendees of the parade feeling uninspired and misrepresented. Instead, they yearned for visuals that would cheerfully empower the community.
Pride week themed campaign.
Pride week marketing products.

The Concept

We used a blend of vivid colours and confetti backdrops to spark interest and earn the Pride community’s undivided attention.
Pride week digital ad.
Pride week campaign sign.

Marketing Materials

The revamped brand lent itself to a unified yet unique suite of materials. Striking signage, swag, and apparel proudly painted Edmonton with vibrancy and love.

Pride week merchandise.
Pride week promotional materials.
Pride week branded merch.

The Target Market

Before officially rolling out the Pride Week rebrand, ISMSS tested out the new look by handing out custom-designed bookmarks to students and faculty across campus.
We used a cheery and playful brand palette.

The Colours

We themed the campaign with a small selection of captivating yet fun colours. The range of brightly saturated hues not only demanded attention but emotionally fired up excitement and joy.
Pride week printed media advertising.
Pride week printed advertising.
Pride week marketing swag.
Pride week branded goods.
Pride week marketing campaign.
Pride week bookmark campaign.

The Impact:
Newfound Zest for the Pride Parade

The colourful sea of confetti-themed signs, accessories, and apparel restored community spirit for Pride Week’s annual parade. The Pride community collectively jumped for joy over the punchy new designs. Many fans continued to rep merch outside of the event for years to come.