Ravenwood Festival

The board of directors for Ravenwood (a Sherwood Park outdoor music festival) envisioned a visual identity that would pique interest for fans of all ages.


Client: Ravenwood Music Festival

Funky merch and striking apparel.

To uphold Ravenwood's goal of building community, we pitched the idea of gifting locally-made merch in exchange for presale tickets and to sell local food at the festival served in Ravenwood packaging.

A rhythmic logo made for event signage and swag.

To ensure the festival felt visually cohesive, all event signage and swag was primarily branded with the logo—a slice of wood morphed into the shape of a vinyl record. The hand-drawn lines within the mark act as both tree rings and vinyl grooves. The musical rings symbolize the festival’s expanding fanbase and embody the rhythm of sound waves.

Ready to rock and roll.

Sherwood Park was dying to know more about this brand-new upcoming music festival. Before presales hit the streets, people of all ages were itching to rep branded merch and purchase tickets to the event.

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