An Education-Themed Collage

Tech in Ed Seminars

Stirring Up Curiosity

Technologies in Education was looking to raise awareness for their monthly interactive seminars. They asked us to design a standout poster that would draw in a student audience and outshine competing campaigns.
Tech workshop posters.
Digital conference branding concept.

The Concept

The design assembles everyday classroom items and tech gadgets into a grid-breaking collage.

The Process

Before jumping onto the computer, we carefully ran our ideas through a series of sharpie sketches and grid layouts. We arranged the concept by hand to ensure all elements functioned as one cohesive unit.

The Aesthetic

The artwork merges geometric style with playful illustrative elements. The details within the design create an atmosphere worthy of closer inspection.
Tech symposium collage artwork.
Digital seminar poster design.

The Colours

We branded the campaign with primary colours often used within the Tech in Ed brand. The collection of saturated tones builds an atmosphere fit for creativity and learning.
An ode to elementary colours.
Digital seminar campaign.
Technology course marketing.

The Impact:
A Jam-Packed Turnout

Technologies in Education saw a significant increase in attendance for their monthly seminars. From a sparsely filled room to a fully seated audience, signups for the free tech workshops increased dramatically.