The Pixel Workflow

What You Can Expect During the Branding & Design Process

From doodle to desktop, our design workflow will take your project through a unique set of explorations.

Our branding and design studio is an inviting space where all ideas are welcome. We encourage you to provide feedback during any stage of the Pixel Process so that we can set you up with branded collateral suited to your needs.

1. The Consult

We Listen

We’ll have you walk us through a detailed overview of your business, target market, and project goals via your choice of a phone call, video chat, or email. We welcome you to send over pre-existing brand materials or visual references that you would like us to use as inspiration.

We Onboard

Based on your project scope, we’ll put together a custom contract and send a formalized invoice your way via email. Once the logistics are set in place, and relevant marketing or content assets are provided, then the design fun begins!

2. The Build

We Research

We use in-depth research to tailor unique design solutions for your need. By reviewing your top competitors and fully understanding your audience, we will develop concepts and ideas that best represent you and your industry.

We Design

Now the fun begins! Based on our research, we creatively transform potential ideas into hand sketched compositions. From here, we narrow down our sketches into the most successful concepts, where they are then digitally built out and creatively refined.

3. The Pitch

You Review

Next up, we send over a digital proof for you and your team to review. Using visual mockups, we provide context to the designs by presenting them to you on digitally branded merchandise. Nobody knows your business more than you do, so we take great value in the feedback, questions, and ideas you bring to light.

We Edit

To transform your selected concept into the design of your dreams, we review your feedback and draw up a revised plan of action. When we feel that we have successfully modified the design to your liking, we will then send over a second digital proof for you to review.

4. The Finish Line

We Export

The hard work is all done! From here, we’ll help you get your design in the hands of both your team and audience. We will connect you with external vendors, like printers or social media specialists, and send over high-res files custom-fit to your need.

Status BFF

As your business grows, your design needs will likely change too. That’s where we come in. We’ll keep your brand looking unified and up-to-date over the years to come. We’re here to design new projects, update past files, or provide consultation services.

Ready to ride?

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