Branding + Design Studio

The Yards Magazine

Summer & Winter 2022 Editions

A Trendy Cover Redo

As the new Art Director for Yards Magazine, we hand-crafted edgy, illustrative design concepts for the Fall and Winter 2021 editions.


The Concepts

We branded each magazine with a unique colour palette, a decorative font to sprinkle in personality, and imagery tied to the feature story. To ensure that the magazines all felt collectively unified, we kept the placement, size, and stylization of foundational design elements the same (e.g., logo, grid, and body copy).

For the Fall 2021 edition of the magazine, we themed the cover with abstract gemstones and diamonds using a trendy pop-art style. These shapes symbolize the unique and multifaceted spaces emerging in Edmonton. These geometric forms not only represent the architectural innovation of the city but also mirror the vibrancy and dynamic growth of the area. 

To highlight YEG’s winter charm, we themed the Winter 2021 cover with a snowflake built from illustrative icons. 

Each icon represents a YEG hot spot that the ‘Best in the Core,’ article features. 

Branded Social Media

We spliced quotes, imagery, and illustrations from each magazine and transformed them into eye-catching social media posts.

The Colours

Both magazines use colours drawn from the season of their launch (warm colours for the Fall edition and cool colours for the Winter edition).

The Impact:
Buzz 'Round YEG

The edgy facelift of The Yards Magazine captured the attention of Edmonton and had the public stoked to pick up their very own copy; they particularly appreciated the YEG-themed illustrations, which added an extra layer of depth and enjoyment to their reading experience.